According to ALISON, Here are the 10 in-demand Technical Skills for 2019

According to ALISON, a free online education platform that mostly focuses on workplace-based skills and offers online courses with certificates, below are the 10 in-demand Technical Skills for 2019.

1. Cloud Computing
As businesses of all sizes are moving towards cloud services, the need for Cloud Computing skills is accelerating, making this 2019’s No.1 career path!

2. People Management
From coaching workplace best practices, to empowering teams, companies across the globe are hiring skilled leaders to manage their workforce.

3. Mobile App Development
With the massive growth in the Mobile App industry in recent years, demand for App Developers has surged, making it a highly sought-after tech skill.

4. Sales Leadership
Business growth is one of the primary goals for most organisations, and they need Sales experts to build successful sales pipelines to boost revenue.

5. Game Development
In 2019, video game revenue is expected to reach a whopping $123 billion! Rising Demand + Profitable Career = Exciting Times for Game Developers!

6. Digital Marketing
In a world where everything is becoming more digital, it’s no surprise that this is a hot career. How hot, you ask? Job opportunities are only going to grow, 7% by 2024!

7. Graphic Designing
Design skill is a key ingredient to master a job role in a visual world. Among the many industries, job opportunities in advertising and marketing are growing exceptionally.

8. Data Science
Data skills continue to be in high demand with companies looking to get the most out of their data. Good salary + high demand = a go-to career choice!

9. Journalism
With history-making events like Brexit and the US government shutdown, there will always be a need for Journalists who can help the public understand the complexities of current affairs.

10. Industrial Design
From the phones we use, to the cars we drive, consumers demand innovative products and new product styles constantly, making Industrial Designing one of the most desirable skillsets.

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