Career Prospects of Mass Communication

 Mass Communication and Journalism courses have gained much popularity in the recent past and may be a good choice of career for you, an aspiring undergraduate student.  A degree in mass communication opens doors for a career in films & TV, publishing, public relations, journalism, editing, direction, filmmaking, scriptwriting, production, etc.

Our main focus is on it’s prospects for employment. the prospects of Mass Communication and Journalism can be utilized into self employment if well developed. For instance, journalism deals with the collating, writing editing and presenting news and news articles typically in an electronic or broadcast media for widespread distribution and for the purpose of information. Now, social media which is also referred to as the new media has many potential.

With the world turning global and technology making progress, online media is now the most trending we now have a new form of communication known as citizen journalism where ordinary citizens become amatuer reporters by writing and publishing reasonable contents through blogs, Facebook for public consumption.There is also photo journalism which has to do with the practice of communicating through images for better understanding by the audience.All this prospects brings about self employment and reduces dependency on employment bodies (government especially)and also hastens  the socio_economic growth of the country.

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Article by Igbokwe Chiamaka of Careersome

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