Enyata, the software development and training company founded by former Andela software engineer, has gone public and is hiring.

Enyata is transforming the software engineering talent space by developing diverse teams who take a human-centered approach to software development.

Enyata is a software development and training company founded by former Andela software engineer Oladayo Oyelade. The company which was founded less than a year ago currently has 50 members of staff comprising engineers, designers, quality assurance analysts and a host of others and has seen rapid success since its founding. In a strategic move, Oyelade launched a 3 month intensive training program that provides software developers with high-level skills that normally take years to achieve. As a result, Enyata can equip companies with the teams they need to create products that scale.

At Andela, Oyelade led enterprise projects and was a key engineer for a number of high-profile clients. Now he is putting his skills to use in building high-efficiency teams. This includes the core team at Enyata, which is comprised of top software engineers, designers, consultants, and advisors such as former Andela co-founder Iyinoluwa Aboyeji who also doubles as co-founder of Flutterwave and general partner at Future Africa.

Raising a Community of Developers in Africa

Interior photos of ENYATA Office at Challenge Plaza, Ilupeju.

Enyata takes a fresh approach to developer training by focusing on teams rather than individuals. The goal is to create technology leaders, not just developers. Through an intensive, scaled-up program, Enyata takes junior developers and turns them into senior developers within a matter of months.

Through this level of training, Enyata is raising the next set of high profiled developers in Africa. Over 46% of the teams are made up of female developers and Enyata hand selects developers with diverse backgrounds in order to drive the highest level of innovative solutions.

Producing Results and Creating Products that Scale

One of the reasons over 50% of software development projects fail is due to teams lacking the necessary skills to deliver products that scale. Ranging from design, software development, and project management, Enyata provides the services and people with relevant skills to bring projects to life. By utilizing design sprints, data science, agile project management, and team-led processes, Enyata teams are able to produce results in nearly half the time as other software development companies.

“Our relationship with Enyata has been incredibly positive and I couldn’t recommend them more to other companies. From their code quality to their amazing attention to detail I know that any project I give to them will be handled with care. They are hands down one of the top development teams I’ve ever worked with.”

— James Schuler, CTO, Kafene

Interior photos of ENYATA Office at Challenge Plaza, Ilupeju.

Within less than a year Enyata has worked on over 26 world-class projects, including web and mobile applications for Kafene, FSI Innovation Sandbox, Atlas, and Empire. From code quality to attention to detail, each project is handled with expertise and care. All projects are design-focused, starting with strategy and sketching, ending with design implemented as code in the app. Enyata uses design sprints and user research to understand a client’s problems, validate assumptions about the products, and build products that are user-centered.

The results? Feature-packed native mobile applications for all the major mobile platforms, creative and effective web designs, and technology solutions that show the qualities, needs, and vision of each client.

Case Study Snapshot

The FSI Innovation Sandbox was a big success for Enyata. We incorporated Vue, Node Js, and Postgres technologies to create the first innovation sandbox in Nigeria as a test environment for financial technology applications with real financial APIs and mock data. The Sandbox was made for developers; it creates a safe no-cost environment that gives developers the confidence and comfort to try out different ideas that may ultimately drive financial innovation over the long run.

As part of our agile practices, our engineers engaged in operations and development from the design face through the development process to post production support.

Want to know more? View our case studies.

Working with Enyata

At Enyata we inspire one another, learn from each other, and make working fun. We love what we do and it shows. There’s a really great energy that comes from so many smart people working side by side to find solutions that drive our company forward.

“Enyata is more like a family that is invested in your growth. The energy to strive is contagious. I have been able to broaden my potential while working with several teams in the company.” — Rosemary, CFO, Enyata

We focus on building world class products, providing excellent services using technology to inspire and implement solutions to enable businesses. We maximize our ability to take on any project by creating a diverse team who can bring their experience and perspectives together to solve problems. Have a project in mind? Hire us to help you build a great product.

Thinking of starting a career in software development? Join us to get started.



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