Here is the Difference Between Business Development Executive, Marketing Executive and Sales Executive

Many of us might think that the jobs of a business development executive, marketing executive and sales executive are the same, but they are not.  They perform entirely different jobs. The major thing they have in common is that they help companies grow their businesses.

We will do our best to explain the difference between them.

Business Development is about lead generation. Business Development Executives carry out tasks, such as: doing research, looking for prospects, and finding qualified leads and then referring them to the sales executives to further develop and close.

Sales is about closing deals. Sales executives are the main link between a company and their clients.  They have deep knowledge of their company’s products and services. And they offer these products and services to customers, negotiate contracts, and close deals. They may carry out some research after they have received leads from business development executives.

Marketing is about raising awareness. Marketing executives create markets for their company’s products. They create awareness and help sales executive to get more business.

So if a company is looking for a marketing executive, it’s most likely that they are looking for someone to promote and create awareness for their products And if they are looking for a sales executive, it’s most likely that they have an existing market for their products and are looking for someone who will be a link between them and their customers. And they are looking for a business development executive, they are most likely looking for someone who will research and generate leads and help their business expand.

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