One Habit I Broke That I’ll Never Break Again (I’d Recommend Doing The Same)

Habits are all over the Internet. Everyone is coming up with a new habit you should follow every minute you’re alive.

You’re forced to feel inadequate because you didn’t have a cold shower or eat sardines for dinner last night.

Most habits I believe are not essential…

…Except this one habit.

The habit I’m talking about is this: patience.

Bet you didn’t expect that now did you? That’s because we all think we’re patient.

We believe we’re patient and that our food should be delivered by YubaRoo in a perfectly packaged box with the sauce evenly poured across the top. That’s not patience my friend.

The habit of patience is having one nice takeaway meal a fortnight and savoring every last bite because it’s a treat rather than the norm.

Patience is not buying everything online and leaving a negative review because the supplier was 1.5 days late sending your goods.

Patience is not creating a startup and expecting to raise $2.8M dollars, having people beg you for a job and then selling it 1.6 years later for exactly $1b dollars so you can relax on the beach and preach to people about charity because you donated $600k to the new hospital wing down the road that you’ve never visited (other than at the opening so you could take an Instagram selfie).

Patience is not what you think it is.

That’s what all the nonsense of the rant above is trying to tell you.

I’ll say it again: we think we practice the habit of patience, but we don’t.

Patience has changed over time in this new ‘Attention Economy’ where we have every man/woman with their dog trying to pitch us something.

The sales pitch is in our email, on our social media newsfeed, at work and while we’re trying to meet new people at an event.

My battle with patience.

I was on the path to patience. I stopped trying to achieve my goals in a flash. I played the long game.

That was until Bitcoin took over and I began trading the currency. I thought I was a genius because of the price surge.

Patience showed up again when I had a career challenge and tried to change career paths too quickly — thus nearly killing everything I’d worked for.

Both these events happened around the same time.

My default habit of patience was replaced with the old anxious kid I used to be who’d forgotten that hard work and persistence was at the center of all success.

During this time, even my blogging suffered. I started asking myself the question “Why am I not a viral sensation?”

Up until this point I’d been blogging for many years without ever wanting any result and then all of a sudden that changed.

I wanted to be right about Bitcoin; I wanted to show everyone I could change my career in 2.5 weeks because of the ‘Your network equals your net-worth catchphrase’; I wanted to demonstrate my blogging ability through a viral hit that would put me on the same level as Tim Ferriss.

All of this delusion blindsided me from the habit of patience. It’s so easy to get lost and be short-sighted (even for this Internet named Self-Help Blogger).

Here’s what real patience looks like.

Being stuck in the middle of nowhere and having to saw your arm off — the story of Aaron Ralston.

Being locked up in prison for 27 years and then coming out and inspiring the world through your story and kindness towards your captors — the story of Nelson Mandela.

Battling cancer multiple times within a few years and still getting on stage to tell people that they can do anything, at the same time, battling throat cancer up — the story of Michael Crossland.

The habit of patience is broken down into the following beliefs:

  • Everything worth doing takes time
  • There is no overnight success (not even for Mark Zuckerberg)
  • The people that changed the world had to endure big challenges and hardships.

These are the real components of patience. These three beliefs are what you must never forget if you want to obtain, maintain or gain (geez they all rhyme!) patience which you can use to do something incredible.

By incredible, I mean entering a room and getting a standing ovation because you did something that served millions of people and wasn’t focused on your own ridiculous thoughts of how great you are or what you must own/have.

Patience is the one habit you must focus on.

The cold showers, read a book a day and drink MCT Oil with Apple Cider vinegar are nice-to-have habits.

I promise readers life-changing advice and that is often served with a side of harsh truth.

So, let me summarize the only habit you must not forget:

  • Work hard (obviously) and take breaks/holidays
  • Be patient with your goals (I mean like 10+ years patient)
  • Focus on the habit of doing rather than the outcome

You can do the impossible, but it will never be done without the habit of patience. After all, if somethings impossible and could be achieved in a day, don’t you think it would have already been done?

Patiently think about that idea for a second and what I’ve just said.


Article by  Tim Denning

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