Python Programming| How to start learning Python programming as an Absolute Beginner

Python is an easy to learn, powerful programming language. Python has developed as a first-class citizen in modern software development, infrastructure management, and data analysis. In 2019, Python is among the top 10 popular programming languages. With Python, one can easily create and maintain applications.

Python offers a high readability due to its English like syntax, and it’s easy to pick up for the same reason. It is also dynamic in nature, which means, that many of its operations/behaviors are executed at runtime, partly because of the fact that it’s also an interpreted language, which means no compilation, direct execution. If you have used Java/C++, you’ll find that Python offers you the same functionality in fewer lines of code.

Learning Python

Python is an easy to learn. You can start directly from books and online tutorials, it’s not that tough. slow and regular study will make it looks easy and you will develop the interest once you get into it.

We are recommending the following videos listed below for absolute Python beginners and hopefully you’ll understand the basics of python programming after you’ve carefully watched the videos. Good luck!!

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