Six Ways To Know A Fake Job Invitation

Fake Job Invitation is almost inevitable as different scam schemes are parading as companies, targeting unsuspecting young graduates desperately searching for jobs. 

These companies prey on fresh graduates, fleecing them of their hard-earned money. Examples of these so-called companies are GLND, ELYTE, PCI, and CFLEAD.

The chances of becoming a victim of a Fake job invitation are now as common as though it’s a norm. However, it is expected because many of these fresh graduates can’t distinguish between which job is fake. 

Because of this growing act, Careersome gathered the six most effective and common ways fresh graduates seeking employment in Nigeria can differentiate between a fake job invitation and a legit one.

Search Results Don’t Add Up On Google: 

Google is the most used and most extensive search engine globally, which is why it is highly recommended to double-check the authenticity of a Job invite.

To check the job, invite, search for the company’s name, Email, the invitee HR manager’s name, and job address on google for related results. If the search results don’t add up, know it is 100% fake.

Company’s Information On LinkedIn Must Match Or Its Fake

LinkedIn has played a vital role in meeting different people’s career needs, using an online space. This is why, when you get invites for a job, you can also verify it’s authenticity by searching for the company’s name or the name of the human resource manager via Linkedin.

However, if you can’t find both the company’s name or HR manager via this career platform, it is best for you to Jappa because it indicates that the invite is fake. 

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Unprofessional Email: 

Although it is not conclusive to say that any job that ends with or and so on are fake jobs, but on several occasions, they have proven to be the first signs to know a job is fake. 

Verify on Job forums (Careersome)

Joining job forums ( on various social media platforms affords you the liberty to ask other job aspirants and employed graduates about specific questions on job invite, authenticity, and experiences. 

It’s Fake if Invitees Demand Money During Interviews

As a fresh graduate who desires to get a job in a Nigerian firm as fast as possible, note that any job requiring money from you during the interview is fake.

The Job Invitation Doesn’t Mention The Position;

Fake interview invitation letters are usually long, giving out irrelevant details and not mentioning the position candidates apply.

Having given six ways to detect fake job invitations, believes this will go a long way to help save many Nigerians from the possible risk associated with fake job invitations.

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