The pressure to get a Job post-NYSC is real, but don’t give up

The pressure to get a Job post-NYSC is real, but don’t give up.

I have spoken to quite a number of people&I know there is a big pressure to get a job after NYSC.

There is pressure from parents, pressure induced by seeing your mates get hired, pressure to be able to afford to buy recharge card/data&pressure to kick start a career.

No doubt ,the pressure is real.

I can imagine how it feels to depend on parents&relatives to buy basic things.

I can imagine how it feels to decide not to attend events because you will see your mates&they will ask about what you do.

You are not the first to feel like this or go through this,others have passed this stage and came out stronger and better.

So believe this is a time to prepare for a great future ahead of you.

Do the following;

1. Keep applying to jobs you qualify for. Seek help to review your cv or for interview coaching if need be

2. Learn skills that you can use to make money. e.g content writing, graphics design, coding, web & app design, digital marketing etc. you can learn all that for free

3. Stop thinking,start acting

4. Go to the next door small or big company or supermart&volunteer to help them as sales rep, office assistant, account clerk etc.

5. Pray for favour

At the end you will succeed


Article by Oluseun Akinrinoye

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