Tyler Perry Gives a Moving Speech To Tuskegee University Graduates

Tyler Perry is an American actor, playwright, filmmaker and comedian delivered an inspirational speech at Tuskegee University’s graduation. Though this happened some few years ago but we still want to share it to motivate someone today.

Perry was given an honorary doctorate degree from the university in his home base of Alabama, where he’s established Tyler Perry Studios. Following the presentation of his degree, Perry addressed the 520 graduates directly.

“No one really knows what you went through to be able to sit in this seat. All of it was to make you strong, strong enough to go through whatever you have to go through to get to your dreams.”

In his address, Perry recounted the hard work he struggled through on his incredible road to success, how he learned from failures, and the power of his own perseverance, before challenging the graduates: “Live in your truth. Share your gifts. If your aim and your intentions are right and do the right thing, you will make it.”

Please watch video below. Video from Goalcast


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