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Productdesign.tips – Product design is a relatively new term, especially compared to UX design. We decide to ask Product designers “What is product design and how different from UX design?”


André Givenchy

André Givenchy

Product Strategist and Designer — 10+ Startups, $60M Invested

One of the most significant differences between user experience and product design is the range of scope. Traditional UX is seen as a specialization in which a designer’s primary focus is to optimize the design and usability of the product whereas Product Design is more or less an accumulative knowledge of multiple disciplines. Now, this doesn’t mean that the product designer lacks specialization. Instead, it symbolizes a broader mandate of design for an entire product.

What does this mean? In essence, product design represents the next expansion of designers roll within a product’s lifecycle and business as a whole, away from just user experience design or specializations in general. This moves designers towards disciplines such as functional ergonomics, technical design, marketing, and more.


Gülay Birand

Gülay Birand

UX Lead and Product Design Manager at Facebook, formerly Google

Both Product and UX design strive to create excellent experiences that meet users needs and goals. Perhaps the biggest nuance is that Product Design is less specialized and more holistically focused on the end to end product development lifecycle.

Product Designers traditionally focus on creating experiences at the cross-section of business requirements and user goals using data, research and analytics to discover latent needs, pain points, and/or identify new product opportunities with consideration for the different touch-points users will encounter along their journeys.

ROI of the experience, metrics by which the experience will be measured, all facets of Design and overall strategy for the product offering are top of mind throughout the process.

Andi Galpern

Andi Galpern

Strategic Development Manager at Adobe XD

I refer to product design as a subset of the entire user experience. It’s the process of designing digital software from start to finish.

Product Design includes user research, mapping out touchpoints, wireframing, prototyping, testing, designing brand elements, building a design system, collaborating with a developer, and publishing to the marketplace. Product designers create the software that the end user interacts with. While experience design encompasses how customers engage with your brand.

User Experience incorporates everything from the design of a digital product, to customer success, understanding your market, and guiding customers to accomplish a task from start to finish. Experience design is the whole shabang.

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