What is Professionalism?

Professionalism means different things to different people, but in general it refers to the quality of a professional – someone who is competent and reliable in their line of work. A professional has certain characteristics which enables them excel in their line of work. These characteristics include:

  1. Expert knowledge of their profession. A professional has the knowledge and expertise required to practice their profession.
    2. The ability to uphold the ethics of their profession. A professional can maintain the honor and dignity of their profession at all times.
    3. Honesty and integrity. A professional adheres to high moral principles and professional standards.
    4. The ability to strive to be the best at what they do. A professional puts extra effort to get things done properly and reasonably well.
    5. The ability to stay committed to self-development and life-long learning. A professional makes it a priority to engage in activities that will improve themself and keep their knowledge up to date.
    6. Self-confidence. A professional believes in himself/herself and his/her abilities.
    7. The ability to pay attention to detail. A professional concentrates and makes conscious effort to avoid error in the work they do.
    8. Self-control and discipline. A professional can manage their own impulsive feelings and behaviors.
    9. Social skills. A professional can communicate and interact with others effectively.
    10. The ability to take responsibility for their actions. A professional does not blame others or make excuses for their own failures.
    11. The ability to follow through on commitments. A professional honors their commitments and keeps their promises.
    12. Willingness to take on projects. A professional is not afraid of challenges and willing to take up difficult tasks.
    13. Punctuality and the ability to manage time effectively. A professional is punctual and can use time efficiently and effectively. They complete assignments before deadlines.
    14. The ability to keep confidentiality. A professional keeps private information confidential.
    15. The ability to respect, tolerate and support colleagues and clients. A professional can accept behavior and beliefs that are different from their own. They also respect, appreciate and support those they work with.


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