Why We Hate Monday

Why does Monday exist? This is a question I and a ton of others often ask themselves after the brief relief that comes with the weekend. Many individuals scorn Monday for various reasons, particularly bcos it marks the beginning of the business week.  Here, we have highlighted a bunch of reasons why Mondays are generally despised. 

The Reality That Marks The End of Weekend 

The sudden jolts to the reality that Monday presents make it one-day folks do not fancy. Imagine having to work five days in the week and the weekend breezes in and out in just 48 hours, having not fully recharged from the stress of the previous week. 

Monday signals the start to yet another stressful week ahead, creating schedules, meeting deadlines, projects, forgoing pressure, and getting up early to catch the early bus or beat the Monday traffic.

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Hate My Job

You will not wake up feeling excited to go to a job you don’t genuinely enjoy. Many people hate their jobs for different reasons but will never back out because of the monthly salaries, except they have a better option. 

Don’t Get Along With My Colleague

Most of the time, the people around you outline how long you stay in any given situation. No matter how you are feeling about the work, it is often challenging to require satisfaction in doing something with people that don’t bring you positive energy–and the other way around.

The Challenges Of Transportation 

Challenges experienced in the course of getting to work is a big challenge for many workers and one of the reasons they hate Monday. However, every worker will go through the challenge, either way, all through the weekdays, but Monday is more formidable because it marks the new week’s start.

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